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Since 2001, CanLNC Medical and Legal Experts (CanLNC Experts) have provided healthcare experts as expert witnesses to the legal community.  We provide unbiased expertise for individual actions or large class actions.

With hundreds of available Physicians experts and Nurse experts (Legal Nurse Consultants),  we are an invaluable resource in healthcare related litigation or research. 


Expert Witnesses

We have or will locate the knowledgable expert witness you need:

  • Physicians
  • Nurse
  • Allied healthcare professionals (e.g. paramedics, pharmacists, physiotherapists)

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Case Merit


Be confident that you are spending time and money on cases that are worthy of your investment.  

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Class Action


Evaluate claimant impact on scales previously unimaginable.

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“I have been counsel in medical malpractice cases for in excess of 25 years and have no hesitation in recommending Chris Rokosh as a first rate expert witness. In a number of cases where Chris has been retained she has demonstrated the necessary expertise and objectivity that the best experts must possess...” Jerome Morse
Morse Shannon LLP